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Time to get MORE REFERRALS, MORE ASSETS, and MORE LOYALTY from your existing clients

Our new CLIENT MARKETING guidebook will show you how!

Client marketing is one of the most important aspects of your business. When done correctly, it ensures your clients stay with you in both good times and bad. It also leads to more assets and more referrals. So don’t neglect it.

But it’s not enough just to market to your clients. Your client marketing must be consistent. It must be effective. It must be designed with both retention and engagement in mind.  It must educate your clients on what you do and how you benefit them. It must keep your name in every client’s mind, every single month. 

That’s why you should download our new guidebook, Client Marketing the Good Way. It will show you:

  • The #1 rule of client marketing all financial advisors must follow
  • The 6 steps to near-perfect client retention
  • How to become the sole advisor for all your clients
  • How to create client engagement so more clients refer you
  • And more!

Over the past month, the changes we've made to our client marketing have helped us uncover $6.1 million in outside assets we didn't even know about. From that amount, we have already closed $3.5M with many more opportunities still moving through our pipeline.  We have also received 7 new referrals from our first client marketing campaign, 3 of which have become clients so far."

Bryan E. - Pennsylvania

Scott F. – New York

We are up about $18 million in new assets for the year. Our client marketing campaigns have opened up lines of dialogue with my clients.  We have found a lot of money in new assets. It’s also led to a lot more referrals.  Bill Good’s system basically just runs itself at this point!” - 1-888-495-7303

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