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Download our free guidebook, The Good Way to Sell, to DOUBLE your closing ratio!

If you had ten new prospects, how many would become clients in the next 90 days?  One?  Two?  Maybe three?  My new guidebook, The Good Way to Sell, will show you how to DOUBLE that…and more! 

Most advisors don’t know how sell.  Bold statement?  Yes.  But also a true statement.  As a result, prospects go dark.  Precious assets slip through your fingers.  Growth becomes stagnant.  Well, no more!  It’s time for you to close MORE PROSPECTS in LESS TIME.  My guidebook, The Good Way to Sell, will show you how.

Download this guidebook to learn:

  • The 1 tactic you MUST use to close more prospects – often in the first meeting!
  • The 6 core selling skills that will raise your closing ratio to 50% or higher
  • The most common sales mistakes advisors make and how to avoid them
  • How to adapt your sales process for the DOL era. 
  • And much more!

In 2016, I brought in about $12 million from new prospects.  In 2017, with approximately the same number of prospects, I brought in over $25 million – over double what I made all of last year.  What’s the difference?  Bill Good taught me The Good Way to Sell.”  

Marcel Morin, VA

For forty years, Bill Good has been helping advisors double their production or work half as much.  A true pioneer in financial services marketing, Bill is known for his innovative work on advisor sales, referral marketing, time management, prospecting, and more.  In 2012, he was named one of the Top Coaches in the industry by

About Bill Good

Mike Robertson, named one of the TOP 400 INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISORS by The Financial Times

"Just one principle I learned from Bill Good led directly to a billion-dollar account.” - 1-888-495-7303

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