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How this FA raised $100 million in 2 years through seminars alone...and how you can do it, too!

Learn the science of using seminars to grow your business with our NEW GUIDEBOOK, The Seminar Success Zone.

The man to your left, Joe Johnson, raised $100 million in only 2 years from seminars alone...all from a standing start!  How did he do it? Simple: He took my advice and divided his seminars into seven distinct phases, each with a corresponding statistic for measuring success.  Then, he implemented a few key best practices for each phase, tweaked until each statistic was in "the success zone", and voila!  $100 million in only two years.     

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  • The 6 key statistics that ensure seminar success.
  • The most important best practices that will help you reach each statistic.
  • The secrets behind a good seminar invitation, location, and presentation.
  • Common seminar mistakes FAs make, and how to avoid them.
  • And much more!

Jack Reutemann, CFP with over $400 million in AUM

“What I learned from Bill Good has made me a multimillionaire.”

For forty years, Bill Good has been helping advisors double their production or work half as much.  A true pioneer in financial services marketing, Bill is known for his innovative work on seminar marketing, prospecting, time management, sales, and more.  He has written for Research Magazine since 1990. 

About Bill Good

Chad Henry, one of the TOP SEMINAR PRODUCERS in the industry 

"Bill Good’s seminar strategies have helped me average roughly $30 million in seminars alone per year!" - 1-888-495-7303

In this new guidebook, I'll show you exactly how he did it...and how you can do it, too! 

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