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When you build goodwill with clients and prospects, you can:

Strengthen your relationships

Generate referrals

And even earn new business!

That’s because goodwill is really a type of currency.  It’s accepted everywhere, appreciated every, and can be exchanged everywhere – often in the form of new clients and new assets! 

A recent email I received from a financial advisor is proof of that:

The upcoming summer holidays give you numerous opportunities to build goodwill with your clients and prospects. But you have to do it right. Send one of our feel-good letters for any of the following holidays:

- D.S.


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One of the very first letters I sent out was one of Bill’s holiday letters. I literally got 8 handwritten responses from clients telling me why that letter touched them so much! "

I was on the Bill Good System when I went from $300,000 to over $2,000,000 in nine years.  That’s one helluva growth rate.  Recently, three different families have shown me 3-ring binders with all the letters I sent them.  Most of these letters are from Bill Good Marketing.  They love them, especially the holiday letters. "

- Steve H 

Memorial Day

Mother's Day

Father's Day - 1-888-495-7303

Dear Bill, 

I have been sending monthly drip letters consistently, including holiday letters. My clients love them!  One of your recent letters I sent was for the anniversary of 9/11. One of my clients has a wife who I’ve been prospecting for about four years now. My client called after receiving the letter and said, “The letter brought my wife to tears. We need to come in and meet with you.”  To make a short story shorter, they came in and wife moved $800k to my management. That brings the total between them up to $1.2 million.

- Bryan U

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"Dear Bill,
I wanted to share with you a great compliment we received from a client recently.  She said she really appreciates the personal things we do, like sending letters for holidays such as Memorial Day.  During our conversation, she told us that her pastor (another client of ours) read our Memorial Day letter to his congregation, and used it as the core for his homily.  He also gave our team credit for it during the service!  This absolutely blew me away.  It's another example of the impact we can have on people's lives outside of simply providing financial advice...and an example of how clients will tell others about us because of that impact!"

- John R.

I had a prospect who was procrastinating since the death of her husband in 2015. She was stalled after interviewing several advisors. But I sent her drip letters, birthday letters, holiday letters, and market “don’t panic” letters over the span of eight months. As a result, these message campaigns helped me close a $2.7 million client yesterday.

-  Marc Spiegel

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  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Generate referrals
  • And even earn new business! 

Independence Day

Dear Bill,

We must confess, we had no idea that the holiday letters would elicit the responses received from clients.  They have emailed, texted, called, and even sent cards to thank us. For St. Patrick’s Day, we mailed your “Irish Brigade” letter.  Several clients recounted beloved family members who were Irish and even where they came from in Ireland.  And during a recent call, a client delightfully remarked that she was so tickled with the letter that she left it out for friends and neighbors to read at a St. Patrick’s Day party she hosted. And yet another client noted that she so appreciates the holiday letters because “it makes you part of the family – you’re not just sending us a bunch of stuff with numbers.”

Bill, we would be neglectful if we didn’t mention that some of those replies have also included – at the clients’ initiative – discussions involving the transfer of additional assets to us.

I now understand that sending holiday letters cements relationships and ultimately turns clients into advocates."

- Brian U

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